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SmartCache is a practical application that lets you securely store information on an ACOS1 or ACOS3 ISO 7816 smart card. SmartCache interfaces with the smart card using either an ISO 7816 Phoenix-style Reader/Writer or a Development Terminal connected to an RS-232 serial port or any PC/SC reader.

HEX files are provided to program a Development Terminal to make it function as an ISO 7816 Phoenix-style Reader/Writer. Two different sets of HEX files are provided to implement plain and encrypted RS-232 serial data interfaces. The encrypted interface adds another layer of security in addition to that provided by the ACOS1 or ACOS3 smart card.

SmartCache allows you to store up to 60 records of information on the smart card. Each record consists of four fields: description, username, password, and URL. Examples of the type of information you can store include login information to computers and web sites, credit card numbers, ATM PINs, and lock combinations. SmartCache does not place any limitations on the actual type of information you store in each record; what you decide to store is only limited by your imagination.

The following are required to use SmartCache:

  1. Windows 95 or later
  2. A Phoenix-style ISO 7816 smart card Reader/Writer, or a Development Terminal programmed with the appropriate HEX files provided with SmartCache, or a PC/SC reader
  3. An ACOS1 or ACOS3 smart card manufactured by Advanced Card Systems

SmartCache is provided free of charge.

SmartCache has been successfully tested with the following interface devices:

Phoenix Reader/Writers (RS-232)

  • Didya Dual Crystal Smart Card Reader/Programmer
  • Litronic Netsignia 210 Programmer
  • SCDTech X3
  • SDLOGIC SD7816U SE ULTRA USCT Smart Card Development Terminal
  • SDLOGIC SDR-30RS Reader/Writer
  • Spawn Devices ISO-3.57 MHz Reader/Writer
  • Spawn Devices SSP 210 Reader/Writer
  • Vector Technologies NextGen2 Programmer
  • WB Electronics Infinity USB Phoenix (driver)
  • WB Electronics Smartmouse USB (driver)
  • WB Electronics Infinity USB Unlimited (driver)
  • White Viper Reader/Writer

Development Terminals (RS-232)

  • Absolute 1
  • Atomic P.U.T.
  • Cansat2000 MK II Unlooper
  • Dominator Stealth
  • Mikobu III
  • SCDTech GFX
  • SDLOGIC SD7816U SE ULTRA USCT Smart Card Development Terminal
  • T-5 Typhoon unlooper
  • Vector Technologies Unlooper
  • White Viper Unlooper

PC/SC Readers (RS-232)

  • ACS ACR30S (driver)
  • American Express Blue GCR415 (driver)
  • Didya Dual Crystal Smart Card Reader/Programmer** (driver)
  • Litronic Netsignia 210 Programmer** (driver)
  • SCDTech ICC Reader (driver)
  • SDLOGIC SD7816U SE ULTRA USCT Smart Card Development Terminal** (driver)
  • SDLOGIC SDR-30RS Reader/Writer** (driver)
  • Spawn Devices ISO-3.57 MHz Reader/Writer** (driver)
  • Spawn Devices SSP 210 Reader/Writer** (driver)
  • Vector Technologies NextGen2 Programmer** (driver)
  • White Viper Reader/Writer** (driver)

**Using Generic DumbMouse/SmartMouse/Phoenix PC/SC driver from

PC/SC Readers (USB)

PC/SC Readers (PCMCIA)

PC/SC Readers (Keyboard)

ACOS1 and ACOS3 smart cards can be purchased over the Internet from a variety of vendors for around $3.00 to $5.00 U.S. per card. Following are a few such vendors:

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