Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does SmartCache cost?

Nothing. SmartCache is provided free of charge.

2. What smart cards does SmartCache work with?

Currently SmartCache only works with an ACOS1 or ACOS3 ISO 7816 smart card manufactured by Advanced Card Systems.

3. Where can I purchase an ACOS1 or ACOS3 ISO 7816 smart card?

ACOS1 or ACOS3 smart cards can be purchased over the Internet from a variety of vendors for around $5.00 U.S. per card. Smart Card Supply, SecureTech, and SC Developer are such vendors.

4. What if I try using an ISO 7816 smart card other than ACOS1 or ACOS3 with SmartCache?

If the smart card conforms to ISO 7816-3, you can view the ATR from the card by pressing the Reset button in SmartCache. You can try performing other functions, such as initializing the card, but SmartCache will use the ATR from the smart card to detect that it is not an ACOS1 or ACOS3 smart card and abort further processing.

5. Is it possible to implement support for other types of ISO 7816 smart cards?

Yes. In order to do this, the smart card must conform to parts 1-3 of the ISO 7816 standard, it must be readily available for retail purchase, it must be reasonably priced, and it must provide a publicly available reference manual that describes in detail the features and functions of the smart card. Any suggestions for smart cards meeting these requirements will be considered.

6. How can I view the SmartCache Help file in Windows 95?

Install Internet Explorer 5 or greater.